Orthodontic Treatment Fees

Initial consultation                            £  103

At this consultation Dr Taylor will examine you with particular emphasis on your facial bone structure, facial profile and the relation of your upper jaw to your lower jaw. This is to enable a treatment plan which will result in the most attractive facial appearance in addition to beautifully aligned teeth. (This approach to treatment is known as “face driven” orthodontics). Your concerns and wishes will be listened to carefully and with your full participation various treatment options will be discussed, together with treatment fees.

Orthodontic treatment fees are designed to reflect the severity of the original problem and the length of time and skill required to produce a beautiful result. The type of appliances needed for this is also reflected in the fee.

Generally, the highest quality results are produced using upper and lower fixed appliances which can be bonded to the labial (outer) surface of the teeth, or the inner (lingual) surface of the teeth where they are almost invisible in day-to-day interaction.

All orthodontic prices will be inclusive of the first set of retainers (to keep your newly aligned teeth in their corrected positions) and looking after the corrected result for 12 months.

Payment can be spread over the duration of your orthodontic treatment (subject to status, terms & conditions apply). Discounts are given for patients wishing to pay in full at the start of treatment (this only applies to orthodontic treatment).

Denise Taylor, orthodontistDenise Taylor, orthodontist

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